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Thanks for taking the time to check out the Woodworking4Home affiliate program. Here you'll find a wide range of tools, tactics and tips that can help you easily sell this product.

As a member of "Woodworking4Home" affiliate program, you will earn 75% commission
for every sale made. Now with backend payouts to affiliates too!

Your average payouts(backend included) are approximately $60 per sale.

The recent update in march 2010 now includes backend commissions on any other products that your customers purchase through woodworking4home.com. All of your customers that you send automatically get offered a few additional products, so many of your customers will give you 1 or 2 commissions instead of just the initial $33.84 commission.

I want to help you become successful in this business in any way that I can. So I try to do some things to help you that most vendors will not.

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Higher than the normal 50% affiliate commissions. We pay 75%

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We only offer 1 payment option (Clickbank), We do not "steal" your sales

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