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Adwords doesn't allow direct linking anymore...

The easyiest way to direct link I find is to forward a domain name you purchase from godaddy.com or name.com.

Basically you find a product and if its name is www.myproduct.com you go to godaddy and purchase www.myproductz.com or something similiar then in your domain settings you go to forwarding and insert your affiliate URL in to the forwarding adress click 301 permantent and also click masking and then you are direct linking for once off $10.

Also google recognises this as a seperate URL and you do not compete with all the other direct linkers out therewhich give you a much higher quality score and cheaper links.



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1) create a new adgroup with only this keyword: woodworking plans
and add this negative keyword -[woodworking plans]

You've probably noticed the negative bracketed keyword. This is a trick called adwords triangulation method which basically means that for main keywords you can't tell when short tail converts and when long tails convert.

For example, if you bid on woodworking plans you'll trigger keywords like: barn woodworking plans, woodworking plans for sheds, etc...

So if you did a long test you'd probably notice that long tails that are triggered by woodworking plans keyword convert way better than two word short tail, however the only way to trigger the long tails is to bid on short tail.

BUT with this technique you can create two groups: 1st group: bid on keyword: woodworking plans and add negative keyword [woodworking plans]. This way you'll only trigger long tails.

then create 2nd group and bid on: [woodworking plans] This will only trigger two word keyword without all the long tails. This way you'll be able to see which one converts better. I've had groups where just bidding on main keyword wasn't profitable, but when I used this technique I noticed that long tails actually are profitable while the short tail isn't.

Other PPC tips:

- never put more then 10-20 keywords in a single adgroup. This means that in order to get high CTR and conversions it's suggested to create tightly related keyword groups. Only put more than 20 keywords when you're testing if a certain keyword set gets any impressions.

- follow the "relevancy" rule. Your keywords need to be closely related to your ads and your ads need to be closely related to landing page. This means that you need to mention the keyword you're bidding on in ad title and in ad body. Main keyword in your link helps.

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